The wand was challenging to design to avoid it from looking too much like a prop out of Harry Potter. The idea was to make it look like it was made from a bone from an ancient powerful wizard (or Bright). A functional catholic relic. 
To borrow from the film’s dialogue, the wand is a nuclear weapon that grants wishes. flintlock pistols werean inspiration for some ideas.

Below was where I left off from working on the wand. The final design is a sharpened version. The wands tends to be glowing and hard to distinguish in most of the movie, with one exception, when the Inferni chase the heroes through the Abrams neighborhood. I had a lot of fun sculpting the filigree in Zbrush.
The wand was my first time working with prop master Kris Peck. His perspective on the design on a prop comes primarily from actor interaction. I was getting caught up with the symbols an aesthetics, over fundamental action/interaction. I’m happy to have been able to continue to work for him on Ad Astra focusing almost exclusively on props.