We were developing Bright before Suicide Squad came out. The reception of the movie -not excluding the witch- was not exactly warm. This led director David Ayers to cut the idea of witch. 

Round 1

The initial promp by Andrew was something along the lines of ‘an aparition, juxtaposing a young beautiful seductress and a terrifying beast’.

Round 2

I continued with the idea of this shriveled up evil freaky creature projecting the aparition of the seductive naked young woman. The video above was an idea for how an intensely unsettling animation could play. I painted the start and finish for how the mummy/beauty monster could look like.

The feedback was that it’s too pretty, and not terrifying or disgusting enough.

Conceptually, the idea was to show just how evil and twisted magic could be.

Round 3

The dual being idea was abadonned in favor for pursuing the idea of an aparition. A ghostly remnant of the witch’s corrupted being in this reality. In the software, render times were really long with layers of transparency and diffraction effects, but Modo’s progressive preview renderer allowed for quick iterations anyway. There’s something compelling about the pixelation of under-resolved areas.

Here I explored compositing some of the transitive properties of her body with a youthful nude. Perhaps the animation could express her mood by blending from seductive to terrifying.

This was some further development before the idea of a witch was completely scrapped. I thought it might be compelling to have her wear a cloak she could wisp in and out of existence in a puff of smoke.